A modern approach to an old disease: glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) therapy in osteoarthritis




About Medicine Highlights Anno I, N. 4, ottobre 2013

EULAR 2013, Madrid


  • Introductory remarks: Pascal Richette (France)   
  • Novel discoveries on the mechanism of action of GAGs in OA: Yves Henrotin (Belgium)   
  • From clinical studies to real life: recent data on the clinical efficacy of CS in OA and its potential to reduce the consumption of NSAIDs: Pascal Richette (France)
  • Ultrasound applications in rheumatology: Giorgio Tamborrini (Switzerland)
  • Tailoring the viscoinduction/viscosupplementation treatment to the joint affected by OA and its effects on the disease stage: Alberto Migliore (Italy)
  • Discussion and concluding remarks: Pascal Richette (France)


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