Hantian Labs Ltd. Introduces Trailblazing Anti-Aging and Vitality Product for Men, GHBurn

Hantian Labs Ltd. Introduces Trailblazing Anti-Aging and Vitality Product for Men, GHBurn

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LONDON, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

Those seeking a competitive edge in the gym, bedroom, office and life will be thrilled to learn about the launch of GHBurn, an anti-aging and vitality supplement.

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Developed exclusively for the male market and grounded in the principle that men should mature naturally without harsh chemicals; GHBurn is a proprietary blend of seven high performance ingredients. It is uniquely designed to enhance the male body´s hormonal system, which begins to deteriorate after the age of thirty.

Surpassing its competitors in synergistic technology, GHBurn is not formulated solely on one specific rationale like anti-aging, weight loss or Human Growth Hormone. Rather, it encompasses all three vitally important components, providing a distinct user advantage.

Through clinical research, GHBurn has been proven to increase Human Growth Hormone production, the body´s master hormone. Having more energy, endurance, mental alertness, lean muscle mass, as well as decreased appetite, improved cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep patterns and sexual charge (better bedroom performance) are just a few of the benefits. It even strengthens the immune system and brittle bones.

Specifically formulated for the male system and its complex hormonal structure, GHBurn is advantageous to men ages 25 plus as it offers both preventative and restorative aids. Used daily, the proprietary blend of ingredients regulates male hormones, which in effect reverses the aging process. “Men are evolving and so should our options in terms of anti-aging,” says Christian Diesveld, Hantian Labs Managing Director. “We are staying younger longer, starting families later and playing sports well into our retirement years and thus our bodies need to follow suit,” continues Diesveld.

Although research is available about proper supplementation, the timing, amount required and combination can be complicated and confusing. GHBurn takes away all the guessing and provides men with a very simple solution. “With GHBurn, we have a product that offers several revitalising benefits, but is scientifically formulated to fit into three capsules taken once a day, making it easy for men to incorporate into a daily routine and as men,” says Diesveld.

The combination of ingredients in GHBurn has been clinically proven to enhance essential processes in the body that support brain and organ health. It was formulated so that the effects accelerate during sleep, when one has the highest concentration of fat burning, appetite curbing, and muscle building hormones. The amino acids and minerals included in GHBurn effectively boost the secretions of these vital hormones. The key to GHBurn´s effectiveness rests within the dosage, blend of ingredients and the absorption timing.

To learn more about GHBurn proven clinical studies and benefits, please visit http://www.ghburn.com.

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